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 “Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.” – Pete Carroll


If you can breathe, you can perform. But only if you're inspired, can you excel and achieve the exceptional. Many companies, however, focus on performance instead of potential.

Getting better at what you're already good at is fun. This happiness is the key to development. Whereas competence management focuses on what you're not good at (yet), talent management encourages and facilitates you to do what you're passionate about. Learning and working based on your strengths costs less energy, in fact, it gives you energy! Knowing your strengths, enables you to understand why certain things cost energy, while others are effortless.


Your colleagues and employees have talents only waiting to be fostered. Gaining insight into the potential of your employees will enable you to increase individual and collective performance. It is also important to explain to your team how their individual talent can help to bring the desired brand experience to life. Developing talent with the desired customer experience in mind creates a shared context where the WHY of the company is also the WHY of its employees.

Our individual talent management program consists of these steps:

  1. Assessment of strengths, thinking styles and behavioral preferences.
  2. Reflection of results in one-on-one coaching sessions.
  3. Application of insights on the job.

The result

  • Employees become more confident because they can utilize their talents optimally.
  • Employee loyalty and team spirit are strengthened.
  • The employees’ positive sense of self worth creates a great work climate.
  • The employees will gladly engage in creating the desired customer experience.
The Reverse Journey

Empower staff

Learn how to recognize talents within your organization and make meaningful talent development a part of your leadership style. We train you on the basics needed to integrate talent development into employee feedback and internal coachings.  

The Reverse Journey

Live vision

Reverse Thinking & Engineering is a journey the company and its employees embark on together. Strategic intermediate goals helps to keep the excitement about the change of perspective alive. Small successes and behavioral changes should be celebrated and rewarded. 

    Talent Development at Apollo

    Apollo desired a competent partner for their diverse middle management trainings at their academy. The internal talent development developed by PS was specifically adapted to the demands and learning goals of Apollo and their employees. The result was an Apollo Master Class and a contribution to the Apollo Sales Team Day.

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    Talent Development Solutions

    1. Reverse

      Ready for a change of perspective? Reverse Thinking & Engineering puts your desired customer experience first.

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    2. grow-bee.com

      Tune your employees to your desired brand experience and create individual talent development with a social and mobile learning solution.

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    3. FISH!

      The FISH! Philosophy offers new energy and motivation for your team.

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    4. Emergenetics

      Know the potential of your employees and show them how their individual talent can help to bring the desired brand experience to life.

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