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Operational Excellence

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“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs


Everything comes together in the WOW moment, that very instant when the employee and customer meet and the brand experience positively exceeds the customer’s expectations. The previously defined brand experience is being brought to life by the employee who acts as a brand ambassador. Now the customer becomes a fan. To make this happen the foundations have to fit. This means the company’s leadership style has to be tuned to supporting the employees, to make it possible for the employees to use their talents to enhance the customer experiences in the most authentic way.


However, fans can also transform into critics, their expectations rise with every time they experience quality customer service, and thus,  those expectations become harder to exceed. they also easily get disappointed when the expected brand promise is not fulfilled. Reverse Thinking empowers employees, so that they can own the desired customer experience during the demands of everyday business. Still, it is useful to establish fixed processes to secure the contact between customer and brand so that it remains satisfying and convincing.

We offer several tools to analyze and improve your processes on a regular basis. The criteria for the evaluation are amended to fit the requirements of your individual brand promise. 

The result

  • You are building the basis for creating WOW moments.
  • Customers become and remain Raving fans.
  • The need for further talent development can be detected immediately.
  • Further development of the brand promise can be actively accompanied.
The Reverse Journey

Optimize HR cycle

Ideally, each employee should fit the desired experience. If employees are in tune with the WHY of their company at every phase during their time in the organization, it will be easier for them to bring it to life. We show you how Castings and purposeful job interviews enable you to assess if a candidate’s talents harmonize with the desired customer experience.

The Reverse Journey

Measure, grow & sustain

Create standards and put useful and fixed processes into place which secure a consistently positive customer experience. 

    Operational Excellence at Schiphol Group

    Schiphol’s ambition is to be 'Most Preferred European Airport’. However, Schiphol Group’s function at Schiphol Airport is rather complex.  The company performs a range of different tasks, but is also dependent on other stakeholders that sell services at the airport. Thus, Schiphol Group launched an initiative to increase awareness of Schiphol hospitality issues and the role they can play in changing it for the better.

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    Operational Excellence Solutions

    1. Reverse

      Ready for a change of perspective? Reverse Thinking & Engineering puts your desired customer experience first.

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    2. InProve

      InProve installs useful processes, designed to guarantee that the contact between your customers and your brand does not only stay consistently positive but raises the bar. 

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    3. grow-bee.com

      Tune your employees to your desired brand experience and create individual talent development with a social and mobile learning solution.

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