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Reverse Learning

Traditional learning starts with remembering and ends with creating. However, 70% of learning occurs on the job while actively doing something, and 20% happens while being instructed by colleagues or supervisors. Only 10% of someone’s learning development comes from theoretical courses. Of those, 10% people are likely to forget almost everything if their environment doesn't support what they have learned. This makes it hard to develop new skills and create a new perspective for the corporate culture.

To create a new corporate and leadership culture, one that turns your customers into fans, it is necessary to switch to innovative learning methods: Reverse Learning. Reverse Learning starts with your shared context, your WHY, which is geared to the desired brand promise. Trainings created by Performance Solutions inspire people to reflect on their behavior and their patterns. Instead of teaching something and making your employees simply learn it by heart, they are being shown what the connection is between their behavior and the customer experience. Thus, ‘actively doing’ is the focus right from the start.


Training is most effective when it has been integrated into the everyday work schedule, so, we do not coach your employees, but you and your executives do. In a selection of tailored trainings and workshops, you and your colleagues become trainers yourselves.

To guarantee you a swift execution, we will assemble a training program for you designed for your needs and tuned to enhance your desired customer experience. Here, your employees will become empowered to bring the desired customer experience to life on their own. You also get an extensive toolkit containing everything you need for your trainings.

The result

With Reverse Learning

  • learning will become a natural and productive part of everyday work.
  • getting to know the new corporate culture can be fun for your employees.
  • your brand promise will become your employees’ WHY. This creates a shared context that can be lived and further developed every day.
The Reverse Journey

Develop learning program

We develop a master program for your organization and deliver tailored trainings for each department.

The Reverse Journey

Immerse teams

The goal is to integrate the desired customer experience into the everyday team learning. Reverse Learning helps with getting your employees to adopt the brand promise as their own personal WHY and deliver it in an authentic way.

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