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“The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm.” – Harry Gordon Selfridge


Whereas management is a rational process, focused on the technical aspects of management, leadership relates to people and their role in the company. Developing a new corporate culture connected to a focus on the desired customer experience requires a concentration on the personal aspects of cooperation. Employees need leadership and talent development to fulfill their role as brand ambassadors and to create the perfect customer experience.

Leadership requires personal dedication. You have to channel energy, generate enthusiasm for the brand promise and convince through credibility. It is up to you to create an environment where team members contribute with their talents and potential. Reverse Thinking and Engineering put your employees in the spotlight. As a steward, you are often the ‘invisible presence’, a motivational voice in the background.


We offer you a selection of courses, coachings and workshops to give you insight into how you can actively influence and define the leadership culture in your company. Furthermore, we empower you to develop your own leadership style based on the desired customer experience. You also receive tools to train and support your employees yourself.  

The result

  • You become an active trailblazer for the new corporate culture of your company.
  • We enable you to bring your company’s vision to life in coachings and workshops and help to turn your employees into brand ambassadors.
The Reverse Journey

Build awareness

It is necessary to raise awareness for the new brand promise on a daily basis. This can be achieved when executives become invisible motivators in the background who are devoted to creating a working climate that lives and breathes your WHY.

The Reverse Journey

Lead change

In this phase of your journey, we turn executives into trailblazers for the new corporate culture (for example in Leadership Journeys, Leadership Tracks and Train the Transformer). You learn to lead and train your employees in accordance with your WHY. 

    Leadership & Culture Development at Media Markt

    Media Markt wants to offer its customers a seamless shopping experience for their entire customer journey. The company is in transition from a product-driven organization to an organization where the customer comes first - where selling is consultative.

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    Leadership & Culture Development Solutions

    1. Reverse

      Ready for a change of perspective? Reverse Thinking & Engineering puts your desired customer experience first.

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    2. FISH!

      The FISH! Philosophy offers new energy and motivation for your team.

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    3. grow-bee.com

      Tune your employees to your desired brand experience and create individual talent development with a social and mobile learning solution.

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    4. Emergenetics

      Know the potential of your employees and show them how their individual talent can help to bring the desired brand experience to life.

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    5. IFH

      IFH sets new standards in hospitality with practical and inspiring trainings, designed to turn your team into ideal hosts.

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