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Learn what you are and be such.“ – Pindar


Experiences have become the new currency in the interactions with customers and employees. Emotional bonding has become indispensable for companies. Delighting others means creating authentic and personal marketing that impacts inward as well as outward relations. Brand promise and reality are rarely congruent. Customer experiences often turn out to be disappointments as the level of expectations is not met.

Reverse Thinking and Engineering puts your desired customer experience first. From this position it shapes factors like the corporate culture, your company’s leadership style, talent development and desired employee behavior. A brand promise that expresses: WHO am I? WHY do I do, WHAT do I do? Has to be defined. This core identity is the starting point for closing the gap between brand promise and customer experience. Turning customers into raving fans!


Only in the the moments between your customers and your employees, does your desired customer experience become a reality. Here business transactions turn into positive moments and cherished memories that are being shared with potential new customers. Your staff represents your brand and makes it come to life every day. A clear corporate identity and a confident WHY help to strengthen your employees’ self confidence, create orientation and motivation.

Thus, putting your desired customer experience first also means putting your employees first. This way your employees can develop their talents to the fullest and use them to create the best possible customer experience.

The Result

  • Raving Fans
  • Loyal customers having experienced positive brand experiences
  • Increased revenue because of authentic marketing
  • Differentiation of your competitors due to a unique brand promise
The Reverse Journey

Think Reverse

Every journey starts with a Reverse Thinking Workshop. Here the Blueprint is developed, which will serve as the basis for your corporate culture. We will dig into your WHY, your WHO, HOW and WHAT to define your respective desired customer experience.

The Reverse Journey

Measure & agree on ambition

Knowing where you are going also requires knowing where you stand. We measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and highlight  the gap between your desired experience and the actual customer experience.

The Reverse Journey

Define goals & plan

Setting intermediate goals will help you with your action planning and will give you a concrete overview of your journey to your desired customer experience. 

    Customer & Brand Experience at Mercedes-Benz

    “Das Beste, oder nichts!” Mercedes-Benz has theambition to lead! That is why a lasting change in the behavior of their showroom employees and with customers in general was needed. Reverse Thinking helped to successfully make that happen.

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      Ready for a change of perspective? Reverse Thinking & Engineering puts your desired customer experience first.

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