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If you really care about what customer’s experience, this should be the starting point for everything you do. Creating a customer experience (on- and off-line) that is consistently memorable -and therefore actively shared with others- requires Reverse Thinking & Engineering.

Define Your WHY

Most organizations and most people know what they do and how they do it. It’s a lot harder to know the answer to why they do what they do. If you define WHY you exist as a brand or organization, and WHO you really are or want to be, the next big step is to define HOW to deliver WHAT your customers/guests really want.

Sustainable Growth

You can’t simply open a can of new culture, new behavior and new experience. You have to define and design it first. Then develop and deliver, every day on every touch point. Reverse Thinking & Engineering helps build differentiation, relevancy and sustainable growth.

Reverse Thinking & Engineering


It’s not easy to consistently thrill customers with your brand and to turn them into loyal fans. In today’s experience economy, extraordinary moments and positive emotions are the most powerful currency, It has become essential to show interest in how customers experience your brand. Reverse Thinking & Engineering is both philosophy and process. The solution puts your desired customer experience at the centre of your company structure and helps you to build a corporate culture around it.


In order to create the ideal customer experience it is necessary to be aware of what your WHY is. Most companies and employees know what they do and how they do it. What’s missing most often is an idea of WHY they do something. Reverse Thinking & Engineering helps you to, as a first step, define WHY your organization exists and WHO you really are or want to be. Why should your customers come to you instead of your competitors? After all, the attraction of your brand can’t be reduced to your products alone.

A customer who is repeatedly delighted by your service and becomes a fan of your brand is loyal and will guarantee you higher and stable revenue. Knowing your WHY and having a relatable, convincing story to tell, helps you with delivering exceptional service and creating an emotional bond between your brand and your customers.


The next big step is to determine HOW to actually bring your WHY to life. A shared context, which has to be tuned to the desired customer experience, needs to be created. We support you to designate the optimal employee behavior and working climate to enhance your WHY. We also help you to find a leadership style that empowers your employees to be a brand ambassador every day.


Let us take you on a Reverse Journey and show you how Reverse Thinking & Engineering can transform your company. Discover what it means to:

  • Define the desired customer & brand experience.
  • Develop a new leadership and corporate culture.
  • Create a shared context with new learning methods.
  • Purposefully foster your employees’ talents.

You will also learn in what ways our other solutions supplement, enhance and deepen Reverse Thinking & Engineering.

Reverse in your Organisation

  • Casting

    When aligning your organization with the desired customer experience, your employees are the key to your success. A Reverse Casting enables you to find people who will represent your WHY with ease and who will feel at home in your corporate culture.

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  • Immersion

    How can you make sure that your employees will adopt your WHY as their WHY and become true brand ambassadors of your organization from day one? During the Immerse & Activate Phase employees and leaders immerse themselves directly into your WHY and thus into your desired customer experience.

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  • Learning Design

    With the generations Y & Z new employees enter your organization who have grown up in a digital society. They are used to multi-task and actively help fashion their environment instead of just consume. How do you keep them interested and develop their talents?

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  • Certified Reverse Facilitator

    Our heart beats Reverse. As Experience Engineers we love to enhance Reverse programmes and to make the world a little bit more experience-oriented. It also makes us happy to empower you and your company to do so yourself. Become a Reverse Facilitator, accompany internal transformation processes and support your colleagues on their way to becoming true brand ambassadors.

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