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A perfect fit for the generations y & z

By Reverse

With generations Y & Z new employees enter your organization who have grown up in a digital society. They are used to multi-tasking, to have social relations on- and offline, to share experiences visually with the world and to actively help fashion their environment instead of just consume. Reverse Learning offers a way to inspire your employees through digital media and introduce new content to your older employees in an innovative form.

Experience-orientated learning

Traditional learning starts with remembering and ends with doing. Reverse Learning puts actively creating at the beginning of the learning process. Everything starts with the experience! Trying and doing lead to a deeper understanding of the content to be learned. Because of their playful, practical methods our trainings are not only timely but make learning fun as well. They empower their participants to contribute their personal talents instead of simply learn something by heart.


  • We start with doing and end with remembering.
  • We can help to bring your training and talent development environment up to speed for the new generations.
  • Gamification elements increase the personal participation of your employees and make fun.

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