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It is one thing to define a customer experience and another to actually live it. During the Immerse & Activate Phase, which is a fixed part of Reverse Engineering, employees and leaders immerse themselves into your WHY and thus, into your desired customer experience. This guarantees you that your employees will adopt your WHY, as their own WHY and become true brand ambassadors of your organization from day one.

Internalizing why

Performance Solutions will design Experience Modules based on the required employee behavior defined in your blue print. These modules focus on the relationship between employee and customer experience. The exercises circle around the question to what extent and in which ways ones behavior impacts the contact with customer. The main goal is for the employees to immerse themselves in the brand promise and to deliver it daily. The employees are asked to contribute to this process, reflect on and create their own behavior towards the customer and will thus adapt to the Reverse Thinking & Engineering context more easily.


Because employees learn better from their peers it is not us but your leadership who will accompany their staff through the Immerse & Activate Phase. So before the employees get introduced to the desired employee behavior we will train your executives. In the Lead Phase we empower your executives to develop a leadership style fitting your WHY. Furthermore, they will receive all the tools necessary to make your employees engage with the required customer experience in a positive way.  


It is important to make employees learn about the brand promise even before their first working day and to keep that passion alive throughout their time in the company. For a lasting impact we advise to create a learning journey tailored to the specific position and duties of the respective employee. A learning journey schedules which modules the employee should have done in a specific time frame and also includes regular follow-up tasks.

With our solution we can offer you a social and mobile learning platform that ideally enhances your employee’s individual learning journey through and into your corporate culture, while also creating an engaging team environment where people get inspired by each other.


  • Performance Solutions will empower your executives to train their colleagues and staff.
  • The Immerse & Activate Phase will be implemented by employees for employees.
  • We create a learning journey based on the desired customer experience.
  • The learning journey begins before they start their and accompanies the employees throughout their time in the organization.
  • Ideal enhancement of immersion with
  • The WHY of the company becomes the WHY of its employees.

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We can also take a detailed look at your current employee introduction program and work out ways to make it more impactful and sustainable.

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