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Our heart beats Reverse. As Experience Engineers we love to enhance Reverse programs and to make the world a little bit more experience-oriented. It also excites us to empower you and your company to do so yourself.

The layout of your corporate culture based on Reverse Thinking & Engineering needs optimal care and ongoing, first-class maintenance. This we entrust into the hands of certified, in-house facilitators. As a Reverse Facilitator you help your company to define their WHY, to desired customer experience and required employee behavior. You accompany internal transformation processes and support your colleagues on their way to becoming true brand ambassadors.


During our Train the Transformer workshop Reverse Thinking & Engineering specialists will train you to become a certified Reverse Facilitator. You will immerse yourself into the philosophy behind Reverse Thinking and reach an understanding of the different phases of Reverse Engineering. Furthermore, you will leave the training with a toolkit full of abilities to independently facilitate a Reverse program.


  • you actively accompany and influence your corporate culture.
  • you get trained by our best Reverse specialists.
  • you receive materials and tools to lead a Reverse workshop.
  • you receive the rights to independently complete a Reverse Thinking Session for the customers of your company.

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