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When it comes to aligning your organization to the desired customer experience, your employees are the key to your success. It is them who bring your brand promise to life everyday while interacting with customers. That is why it is important to integrate the demands resulting from your customer experience into the recruiting process.

A Reverse Casting enables you to find people who will represent your WHY with ease and who will feel at home in your corporate culture. As casting people based on the desired experience is personality driven, as opposed to only skill driven, you will attract people who fit your organization and can grow with and within your company. Skills and process can be learned, authenticity cannot.

Natural brand ambassadors

Performance Solutions Casting Days are tailored to your desired customer experience. We ask ourselves in advance, what employee behavior you need in order to delight your customers and make them excited about you and your brand? The criteria generated in this first step build the basis for the selection process.

On the Casting Day itself your potential employees will be asked to join 4 different workshops inspired by your desired customer experience. Here we will observe to what extent the employee behavior needed to create your customer experience shines through naturally in the candidates’ behavior without them knowing what we are looking for. By keeping the assessment focus areas a secret, we avoid that candidates behave inauthentic or simply perform a fitting personality.


  • The parameters for the selection process are tailored to your required employee behavior.
  • 4 workshops based on the desired customer experience.
  • Professional assessment whether the required employee behavior is a natural part of a candidate’s personality.

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