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“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

Selling products alone won’t turn you into a leader of the Experience Economy. Customers expect your brand to be an experience, an emotional journey, that starts with the first telephone conversation, the welcome at the reception or when entering a shop. The customer contact has become as important and as your product itself.


But how do you know whether your customers’ experiences meet their expectations and fulfill your defined brand promise? InProve measures the quality of your company’s service based on criteria tailored to your requirements. We inform you how your customers experience the contact with your brand, locate where the gaps are between brand experience and brand promise and show you how to close them. This enables you and your team to not only fulfill your customer’s expectations, but exceed them.


InProve enables constant talent improvement and development of your employees. When trying to delight your customers with exceptional experiences it is your employees who make the difference between a customer turning into a Raving fan or never coming back. That is why it is essential to enable you employees as best as possible to authentically and energetically live your brand promise every day. InProve helps you to detect your employees’ potential and entices them to give their best each day.


Together with you we create a criteria set that reflects your desired customer experience. Our individual Mystery Shopping solutions (Mystery Checks, Mystery Calls, MICE Sales Cycles) offer you a selection of possibilities to gain insight into whether your brand promise reaches your customers. The measurement of your service standard goes, if desired, hand in hand with trainings (on-site or as telecoaching) designed to explain the results and the criteria to your employees. A clear online reporting tool provides you with an overview of your results and shows you how you compare to other companies on the market.


  • Helps to find and close the gap between brand promise and brand experience.
  • Supports purposeful talent development.
  • Choose from three auditing methods for Mystery Quality Checks: Mystery Checks, Mystery Calls, MICE Sales Cycles.
  • Consulting and trainings can take place on site or via tele-coaching.
  • Our online reporting tool Performatrix offers clear and mobile access to your results and benchmarking.
  • InProve is available worldwide in a variety of languages.

InProve in your organization

  • Mystery Checks

    A Mystery Check offers you an understanding of the status quo of your operative processes. You will be enabled to see your company through the eyes of your customers. During the Mystery Check our shoppers stay completely anonymous, display no sign regarding their true identity and behave like a normal customer.

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  • Mystery Calls, Reservation & Checks

    An exceptionally heartfelt welcome at the beginning of the conversation, an audible smile, discovering commonalities or the surprisingly creative fulfilment of a special requirement. Unforgettable customer experiences start with a delightful and memorable contact between customer and employee. The Mystery Call programme helps to identify the specific strength and weaknesses of your events and reservation team.

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  • Sales Cycle Analysis MICE

    Make an effort to question your own processes. Do you exploit your full potential or are there lost possibilities? Does the customer come first and are you really doing everything to offer memorable brand experiences? Do you use every opportunity to sell? Be it up-sell, cross-sell or simply a recommendation? Often chances to generate revenue are wasted.

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Riko van Santen

Riko van Santen

VP Digital Strategy & Distribution Kempinski

Hoteliers since 1897 - Kempinski has travelled the world in search of the most fascinating destinations without ever forgetting the finest traditions of its European heritage. At Kempinski, it is all about exceeding guest expectations and providing outstanding quality in all areas and touch points. The guests' stay anytime begins with making a reservation. InProve and Kempinski have been working together for years to develop and increase our performance in our Reservation departments around the globe.

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