Sales Cycle Analysis MICE

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SALES Cycle Analysis MICE


Make an effort to question your own processes. Do you use your full potential or are there lost possibilities? Does the customer come first and are you really doing everything to offer memorable brand experiences? Do you use every opportunity to sell? Be it up-sell, cross-sell or simply a recommendation? Often chances to generate revenue are wasted. Is your offer professional and attractive?

Many companies do not invest enough energy in correct, informative and aesthetically pleasing proposals and thus lose customers. Our Sales Cycle Analysis MICE lays bare every detail of your sales process, starting with the first contact to making the offer up to the contract signing – including all missed opportunities.


When conducting a Sales Cycle, we appear as a real company. We have a real website and thus are searchable on Google. The company’s contact details, such as email address and telephone number, are functional and can be used. Nothing will give away that this company does, in fact, not exist. We place an inquiry in accordance with the in advance defined scenario. The requests are thus typical. Now all the steps from first contact up to the decision-making are run through and analyzed according to your personal criteria set. The evaluation is accessible anytime on our online reporting platform Performatrix, which also provides comprehensive benchmarking data.


  • Individually defined criteria set based on your desired customer experience.
  • Onsite kick-off workshop to introduce the program to the team.
  • Joint definition of possible scenarios.
  • E-mail inquiry sent to the sales department of your hotel.
  • Recorded follow-up calls which are evaluated based on the defined criteria set.
  • Written proposal from your sales team which will be evaluated based on the defined criteria set.
  • Access to the online reporting tool Performatrix.
  • Regular exchange with your InProve Account Manager by phone.

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