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Mystery Calls: Reservation & MICE

By InProve

An exceptionally heartfelt welcome at the beginning of the conversation, an audible smile, discovering commonalities or the surprisingly creative fulfilment of a special requirement. Unforgettable customer experiences start with a delightful and memorable contact between customer and employee.

As part of our Mystery Call program we employ a variety of experienced training callers to ensure that your employees live your brand promise and interact based on your requirements (or desired experience). The Mystery Call program helps to identify the specific strength and weaknesses of your events and reservation team. We empower them to communicate more effectively and sell more meeting spaces and hotel rooms to the customer. You can use the results to reward your employees and develop their talents consistently and purposefully. Employees and team leaders can access their results directly and create development plans together with our InProve experts. With our online reporting tool Performatrix the audio data and results of the training calls are at your disposal at anytime. Additionally, Performatrix provides you with access to our benchmarking tool.

An overview of our mystery call program

Mystery Call (Reservation/MICE) Professional

  • We create your criteria set in a personal telephone conversation.
  • Your employees will be trained continuously in a fixed number of Mystery Calls per month.
  • Performatrix, our online reporting tool, provides you with online access to all of the results and relevant benchmarking data at all times.
  • You gain access to eCoachings for your employees.
  • Regular exchange with your InProve Account Manager by phone.

Mystery Call (Reservation/MICE) Premium

  • All inclusions of the Mystery Call (Reservation/MICE) Professional.
  • Instead of conceptualizing the criteria set by phone a start workshop will take place. Here we will create a detailed criteria catalog tailored to your brand promise.
  • Individually designed coachings allow your employees to review the results and develop improvement strategies.

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