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Training by Design


You can’t find a helpful topic in our training calendar? Do you have special learning targets that require a tailored solution? With a Training by Design, you fully concentrate on the potential of your employees to  positively influence your company. Talk to us about your internal challenges, individual requirements and targets. We’ll develop a training concept that perfectly fits your company’s needs. We’d also love to create an individual learning journey for your team, possibly consisting of several Trainings by Design.

Our experienced trainers conduct exclusive events on-site right at your office spaces. Because 10-15 can participate in a Training by Design this solution has several advantages. Not only do you save  on travel costs, you also ensure that all your employees share the same knowledge and thinking. Of course, we also use our innovative learning methods for Trainings by Design. The trainings are fun, practical and designed to empower your employees  turning the contact between your customer and your brand into a positive and unique experience!


  • The trainings are tailor-made to fit your needs.
  • Learning journeys, consisting of several training units, make ideal talent development possible.
  • The seminars can be conducted in your office spaces, which saves you time and money.
  • Starting from 4 participants, Trainings by Design  offer a cost-saving alternative to our Open Curriculum.

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