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We have designed the learning contents of our programs to ideally support employees in their talent and competence development. The trainings complement each other. They can easily be taken starting with the basics and moving up to the advanced seminars. It is also possible to attend specific seminars to fill potential learning gaps. More importantly, our  trainings are relevant - directly tied to real life situations with practical solutions.

Our training topics


Our Inspirational Hospitality Basics offer an introduction into the essentials of amazing customer service. Here we teach all the skills needed for direct contact with the customer. How does one recognize the customer’s expectations and exceed them? How do I handle objections in a problem and sales oriented way? What is important to consider when different cultures meet? How can conflicts at the workplace be avoided? What are newest trends in the service industry?


It’s about  getting new customers and winning their loyalty, caring for existing customers and rewarding their trust in the brand. The development of a great customer relationship is at the heart of our training topic Business Development. How do I approach new customers? Which questions can I ask? How do I recognize and fulfill their needs? Or  in short: How can I enhance the sales process and make the customer feel understood and at ease?


Seminars, in our segment Revenue & Demand Management, concentrate on the optimization of revenue and budget planning. Learn about the scientific analysis and utilization of business trends. Participants also get to know several distribution channels and learn how to purposefully use them.


MICE is a complex working area. The tasks go way beyond that of the ‘normal’ room reservation.  Our trainings offer a basic introduction into events sales,  working as a sales team and the creation of proposals that not only are correct, but also inspire.


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” -  John F. Kennedy

The Leadership curriculum is designed to support leaders with meeting the complex demands on their position  by deepening their skills in team leadership, employee interviews and conflict management.  Understand what it really means to create unique customer experiences and turn your customers into loyal fans.

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