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In order to have more impact, extend the learning cycle and sustain learning programs we’ve developed a mobile, social learning platform to bring your brand to life and support face to face training modules. Individuals obtain 70 percent of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20 percent from interactions with others, and 10 percent from formal educational events. Based on this 70-20-10 model the programs are designed blended (as a mixture of online and offline learning) to optimize the return on investment of learning journey(s).

Modern learning is more mobile, takes place ‘on the go’, on smartphones, tablets, and happens spontaneous, independent of when or where. Research has also found that successful learning happens informally, by talking to colleagues and is therefore highly social. Digital media provides us with the possibilities to take social learning to a whole new level. It also makes it very easy to naturally combine social learning with mobile learning and thus integrate learning into everyday life.
Additionally, learning has become more fragmented, pragmatic and more playful. It is more focused on learning by doing, relevancy and should be fun. offers you all of that.

Learning for all Generations, the social and mobile learning platform by Performance Solutions, enables you to use these learning trends for your talent management. Moreover, by using snack-sized learning bites, the platform can be used to help employees to continuously get to know their brand promise and your desired customer experience. Your employees from the generations Y & Z will find this way of learning more appealing, as it connects to method of learning, especially in the digital age we live in now. Other generations will also benefit from innovative learning methods. They will find that’s overall playful character presents an enjoyable way to gain new knowledge, energy and have fun.


We call our platform Why bees? In nature, bees cross-pollinate and cross-fertilize. Similarly, a social learning platform can cause cross-pollination of thoughts and ideas. The takeaway metaphor is that in any community you can learn from others and develop yourself through others.


  • It’s a cloud solution which is scalable for all devices.
  • Learning can be facilitated and/or enhanced anywhere and anytime.
  • creates engagement and optimizes peer to peer learning.
  • A perfect fit for the generations Y & Z by enabling self-regulated learning.
  • Gamification and competition make learning fun and engaging.
  • It bridges the gap between staff/leadership behavior and the brand promise, in order to create the desired customer experience.
  • Most content is user-generated, which boosts its relevance and appeal, making  learning more interesting
  • facilitates and monitors individual learner journeys and ensures personal development and sustainable growth.
  • Allows companies to internally share entertaining, educating and insightful snippets of information.
  • It makes most intranet sites obsolete and reduces internal mail traffic.
  • You are independent in creating your own learning content (CMS) which makes the content 100 % relevant to your goals and results in cost-saving.
  • It is highly visual and very accessible.
  • also offers monitoring and self-testing, to make learning more personal and purposeful.
  • Learning takes place in smaller learning bits/bites and is highly adaptable to any work schedule. at your organization

  • Mobile Learning

    The impact of technologies on our life nowadays is huge. In average we check our mobiles 221 times a day. So it isn’t too strange that the way we learn is also evolving. Whether we like it or not and whether we are ready or not, mobile learning is the next step in learning & development. It is a powerful way to connect formal learning with more informal, social learning.

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  • Social Learning

    At Performance Solutions we believe a social learning platform is one of the most powerful tools in learning and development. This does not turn social learning into a replacement for training and employee development, but it certainly makes it a valuable supplement to your learning and development strategy.

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  • Your

    Every company has different requirements. This is what we kept in mind from the outset when we gave its flexible structure.

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  • Certified Facilitator is a must have for all companies who want to develop their employees in a fun, unique and relevant way. However, to let prosper and to let your employees reach their full potential, you need fertilizers. Your company needs certified Grow-Bee facilitators, who supervise in your company and energize your employees to share ideas and information.

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