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Every company has different requirements. This is what we kept in mind from the start when we gave its flexible structure. The platform can be used to give employees access to a company’s complete knowledge. Alternatively, Grow-Bee can enhance a very specific learning goal, like for example the FISH! philosophy, understanding the company’s desired customer experience, defined through Reverse Thinking & Engineering, or the service standards that are part of an InProve training. If required, Grow-Bee can also host HR matters, such as work schedules and performance evalutions. is a white label solution and can be adapted to the corporate identity of your company. We can certify one of your employees as Grow-Bee Facilitator, so that your company can easily implement Grow-Bee. The spectrum of possibilities is huge, especially from a technical perspective, as is fully scalable for all mobile devices, computers and laptops.


  • can be tailored to your needs and wishes.
  • The platform is a white label solution.It can be tailored to fit your corporate identity design.
  • increases the effects of other Performance Solutions services.
  • We can certify one of your employees as a Grow-Bee Facilitator to support you in effectively using your social learning platform.
  • Runs perfectly on all devices.

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