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At Performance Solutions we believe a social learning platform is one of the most powerful tools in learning and development. This does not turn social learning into a replacement for training and employee development, but it certainly makes it a valuable supplement to your learning and development strategy.
Imagine what it would be like if the employees of your entire company could learn from and with each other via the internet. Learning then wouldn’t stop at the border of a department. It would create team spirit and team work independent of location or position in the company. Social learning platforms can achieve this.

Blended learning

Just because your team has access to a social media tool doesn’t mean that they will use it and learn from it. With users are introduced to the world of social learning by a combination of more formal nano learning, fun social media and gamified elements. Our social learning platform allows you and your employees to tap into the knowledge and the experiences from around the globe, ask questions and get inspired by each other. All of this is supported by a gamified rewarding program. As 20% of our learning development happens by listening to each other and about 70 % by actively doing something, offers you and your employees the ideal mix of activity-oriented, social learning and challenges, to guarantee maximum efficiency and fun.


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