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Mobile Learning

The impact of technologies on our life nowadays is huge. On average we check our mobiles 221 times a day. So it quite natural that the way we learn is also evolving. Search engines like Google have already replaced encyclopedias. Especially the younger generation learns by using their mobile every day: while watching their Twitter feed, reading Facebook posts or simply surfing the web.

Modern and tailor-made Learning

Whether we like it or not, mobile learning is the next step in learning & development. It is a powerful way to connect formal learning with more informal, social learning.

Mobile learning has not reached its full potential, yet. There is still much to discover, especially as digital technology is changing so fast. Nevertheless, the opportunities it offers are immense. Mobile learning is timely and practical. breaks-up learning content into small learning snacks, ready for continuous consumption. Learning can be easily integrated into your everyday life. Because everything happens online, you can learn wherever you are, even if you are in a hurry. The so called micro-learning makes this possible.

Push and Pull Learning Content is also easily adaptable to a broad variety of tasks. Think of this: Every week your company has a different special offer. In order to enable your employees sell them more effectively, each Monday morning, you post/upload a snack-sized learning bite onto the platform in which the week’s special offer is explained, along with tips on how to sell it. Or: A group of employees took part in a training. To keep the spirit of the training alive, you can create mini, short learning interventions to remind them about what has been trained, and challenge them to live it to their fullest.

Mobile Learning Overview

  • Mobile Learning is a learning solution fit for the digital age.
  •  Because of its online accessibility, learning can take place anywhere and anytime.
  •  Learning comes in small snacks that does not disturb your everyday business.
  •  Mobile learning can be used for a broad variety of purposes like talent development, the passing of information or to freshen up knowledge.

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