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The FISH! Philosophy

„... A classic tale about transforming your work into your passion.“ – Ken Blanchard

Seattle, is mostly a cold and rainy city. Selling slippery and stinky fish in this weather in the early hours of the morning does not make it exactly easy to have a positive attitude. The fishmongers of Pike Place Fish Market do, however. For many years they have inspired their customers and millions of spectators, who come to the Pike Place Fish Market to get entertained, with their passion, energy and the fun they bring to work daily. In this unique atmosphere, the FISH! philosophy was born.


The fishmongers of Pike Place Fish Market have identified 4 simple behavioral principles that can help show commitment and joy when interacting with colleagues and customers:

Be there:
Be there with all your heart, always. Show your customers and colleagues that you value them by paying full attention to them.

A playful atmosphere helps to recharge the batteries during the working day and enhances creativity.(By the way: How can you lift an elephant with one hand? You will find the answer at the bottom of this page.)

Make their Day:
A coffee when it is needed most, a yummy cake or an unexpected heartfelt compliment, are small gestures that can move mountains. With these simple tools it is possible to create an encouraging and inspirational working environment, people like to inhabit and give their all every day.

Choose your Attitude:
You can’t really influence what life throws at you, but you can decide how you react to the situations that come your way. The attitude you choose highly influences what you experience.

For us the word ‘fishy’ has a very special meaning. FISH!y, that’s someone, who wants to motivate himself/herself and others by being fun and full of positive energy. We want to invite you, to join our FISH!y community and inspire others.


  • FISH! turns work into a passion.
  • FISH! has its origins at the famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.
  • The FISH! philosophy consists of four practices: Be there, Play, Make their Day, and Choose your Attitude.

Want to see & know more? With our 4 books FISH!, FISH! Sticks, FISH! Tales and FISH! for Life you can immerse yourself further into the FISH philosophy. Here’s a link to our Shop.

Answer: It is not a problem, since you will never find an elephant with one hand.

FISH! in Your Organization


    Every first Friday of the month we organize FISH!y Friday, a free event where we throw ourselves into the FISH! Pond. During the event we inspire and inform (potential) FISH! Fans on how to work with the FISH! Philosophy. A different workshop will take place each month, we are positive that you will leave full of enthusiasm, new ideas, and love for FISH! even if it is your 10th FISH!y Friday.

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  • Energizer, workout & training

    The possible applicabilities of the FISH! philosophy are as colorful as the fish in the sea. With FISH! Energizer, FISH! Workout and FISH! Training we offer you three alternatives how you can introduce FISH! to your company. Turn you employees into excited brand ambassadors, who love coming to work and have fun when interacting with colleagues and customers alike.

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  • FISH! Sticks & FISH! for Leaders

    It is great to have an ambitious vision for one’s own brand promise. But are people actually living it? How can you keep the values alive that have been established during the FISH! Training? How do you make sure your team is developing?

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  • Certified FISH! Facilitator

    For decades the FISH! philosophy has brought energy, fun and passion to the workplaces of the world. The results are happy employees and enthusiastic customers, who turn into delighted, loyal fans. Nevertheless, walking through offices and shops, one still sees many bored and unfriendly faces. So your help is needed. Become a FISH! Facilitator and show others what it means to be FISH!y.

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Christiane de Jong

Christiane de Jong

HR Director HMS Host

As a global player in the hospitality branch at airports, it’s all about the guests. Performance Solutions helps us with the training development and materials to transform our organization from process thinking to guest experience. With the empowerment of our staff and putting the guest at number one, we emphasise our slogan 'Feeling Good on the Move'.

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Arne Altmann

Arne Altmann

Managing Partner Le Pain Quotidien

I was immediately triggered by the pillar 'Be There'. I was able to apply this instantaneously, both at home and at work. I noticed I could change my behavior and saw the effect it has on my family and colleagues. What I find strongest about the FISH! philosophy is that it's so incredibly easy to implement. Moreover, I believe that the pillar 'Choose Your Attitude' can be a real game changer in (Dutch) hospitality!

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