FISH! Sticks & FISH! for Leaders

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FISH! Sticks & Fish! For Leaders


It is great to have an ambitious vision for one’s own brand promise. But are people actually living it? How can you keep the values alive that have been established during the FISH! Training? How do you make sure your team is developing? Is it possible to create a corporate culture that is consistently personal, full of positive energy and productive at the same time? How does the contact between your company, your employees and customers turn into an experience? FISH! Sticks and FISH! for Leaders are two impactful training programs, designed for executives to make decisions regarding implementation and living the FISH! philosophy within the company.

Activate enabler of a positive Company culture


FISH! for Leaders helps team leaders and managers integrate the FISH! philosophy into their leadership style. During the training we will analyze different approaches to leadership and explore how you can lead your team in a more inspired and effective way by making use of the 4 practices: Play. Be There. Choose your Attitude. Make their Day. Learn to understand the connections between your behavior and the working climate and earn the respect of your employees. Motivate your employees by being an active listener, being passionate and creating working conditions that are based on trust.


For companies that are working with FISH! for some time already, FISH! Sticks is a powerful tool to guarantee the sustainable execution of the company’s vision, mission and targets. During the training we will focus on three major themes: COMMIT, BE IT and COACH IT. After the FISH! Sticks training you will become an active carrier of your corporate culture. You will be able to integrate your brand promise into everyday work and make it a present topic of company internal conversations and interactions. We show you how you can turn your brand promise into an essential part of your team spirit. This way you bring passion, energy and fun to the workplace, for yourself, your colleagues and your customers.

Are you a carrier of your corporate culture? We are searching for people who want to become the leaders they always wanted to be. Please call us any time to talk about the details: +31 23 5100510. Or write us an email: We would love to help you to choose a fitting training. By the way: Trainings can be tailored to every member of any executive level.

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