FISH! Energizer, Workout & Training

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FISH! Energizers, Workout & Training


As colorful as the fish in the sea are the possible applicabilities of the FISH! philosophy. With FISH! Energizer, FISH! Workout and FISH! Training we offer you three alternatives how you can introduce FISH! to your company. Turning your employees into excited brand ambassadors, who love coming to work and have fun when interacting with colleagues and customers alike.

Encouraging Honest Togetherness

In many corporations fun is still seen as opposite of work. Those who play and care about the emotions of their colleagues and customers are, so the narrative says, distracted and don’t work. The fear of being perceived as lazy can be quite substantial. That is why it is important to assure employees that a lively, personal atmosphere is favored and laughing is explicitly allowed. With FISH! you can motivate your employees to be themselves at work.

Speaking of laughter at the workplace. Do you know this one?

A young executive is leaving the office late one evening, when he finds the CEO standing in front of a shredder with a piece of paper in his hand.
“Listen,” said the CEO, “this is a very sensitive and important document here, and my secretary has gone for the night. Can you make this thing work for me?”
“Certainly,” the young executive says. He turns the machine on, inserts the paper, and presses the start button.
“Excellent, excellent!” says the CEO as his paper disappears inside the machine. “I just need one copy.”

Effective Motivation


If you really want your team to make the most of the FISH! philosophy, we recommend our full-day FISH! Training. In addition to a comprehensive introduction into the FISH! philosophy, you will find out how to tackle things in a more playful way instead of simply doing your job. You will learn how you can balance work and fun and succeed in meeting your targets and milestones while also enjoying yourself. Additionally, we will show you, how FISH! creates unique employee and customer interactions, fit to turn them into loyal fans of your company. Together we will explore, how a personal action plan can give you a surge of fresh energy and help you to maintain a positive attitude.


Change your workplace in the course of a few hours with FISH! Workout. FISH! Workout introduces you to the basics of the FISH! philosophy. Several individual and group tasks will get your team moving. FISH! is a personal journey of discovery, made to inspire you and prompt you to action. In the assignments we create trust and momentum so everyone will go home with a personal action plan that will help to change the atmosphere of your workplace.

Special Requirements? Both, the FISH! Workout as well as the FISH! Training can be adapted to your specific needs. Just call us using: +31 23 5100510. Or write us an email:

FISH! ENERGIZER (1,5 hours)

The FISH! Energizer is a quick energy boost for yourself and your employees! Breathe in new and positive energy and recharge your batteries. After the energizer you and your team will go back to work full of motivation and enthusiasm.

How about a short fish joke before you leave this page?
Question: What do sea monsters eat? Answer: Fish and ships.

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