Certified FISH! Facilitator

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Certified FISH! facilitator


For decades the FISH! philosophy has brought energy, fun and passion to the workplaces of the world. The result is happy employees and enthusiastic customers, who turn into delighted, loyal fans. Nevertheless, walking through offices and shops, one still sees many bored and unfriendly faces. So your help is needed. Become a FISH! Facilitator and show others what it means to be FISH!y.


The FISH! Facilitator Certification was developed for trainers, coaches and moderators, who want to work with FISH! either inside their own company or as a freelancer. The certification is part of a two-day program during which you will obtain all tools and information necessary to conduct basic FISH! events and use FISH! to enhance already existing trainings. To guarantee the best entry point into the world of FISH! as possible, our FISH! master trainers will lead you through the certification.


On the first day of the training you get know the FISH! Energizer, the FISH! Workout and the FISH! Training. You receive information on what makes a program FISH!y and how you can motivate participants and employees. Subsequently, you will prepare a FISH! Training which you will conduct yourself the next day. We show you how to adapt the training to your participants. After the successful conclusion of your training unit you will receive the FISH! Facilitator certificate and we will welcome you to our energetic group of FISH! Facilitators.


  • You gain the rights and the knowledge to conduct FISH! Tastings, FISH! Energizers, FISH! Workouts und FISH! Trainings.
  • Internal FISH! Facilitators may only hold FISH! events for their company.
  • A certification lasts 2 days.
  • You will leave the training with an abundance of FISH! training tools.

Keep in mind: You can be certified to either become an internal FISH! Facilitator for your company or an external, freelance trainer. Different rates and terms apply to both.

Is FISH! right for you? You ask yourself, if you can become a FISH! Facilitator and want to know more about costs, terms and the certification? Just give us a call: +31 23 5100510. Or write us an email: info@ps-ee.com. We are looking forward to discussing the details with you.

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