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People are different. Some employees feel more at home when socially interacting and working in a team. Others who are more reclusive like making lists and compiling statistics. Some fight for changes in a loud and energetic manner, while others prefer quietly writing a thorough analysis.

Teams that are heterogenic in their problem solving strategies might find working together difficult. What is often missing are insights into how the different ways of working complement each other and the experience of which thinking and behavioral preferences can be deployed to achieve certain goals. It is exactly this kind of knowledge, however, that you need to form and develop your team. Emergenetics helps you and your team to understand yourself and each other and empowers you to interact more effectively and relaxed.


Emergenetics is quantifiable and proven. Based on psychometric and neurological research, it measures 4 thinking preferences: analytical (blue), structural (green), social (red) and conceptual (yellow).In addition, it differentiates between 3 behavioral preferences: expressiveness, assertiveness, and flexibility.

An Emergenetics Profile shows your thinking and behavioral patterns. It explains which types of thinking processes and forms of behavior are effortless for you and why some cost you more energy than others. Additionally, we make it possible for you to combine the Emergenetics profiles of several employees in order to gain insight into a team’s profile. This is what makes it such a great tool for everyday communication, talent development and internal coachings. With our Emergenetics+ App you also have mobile access to your profile and the working preferences of your colleagues anytime and anywhere.  


  • Emergenetics unites two influences on our development: our genetic set-up and our socialization.
  • Emergenetics measures 4 thinking preferences: analytical, structural, social and conceptual.
  • Emergenetics differentiates between 3 behavioural preferences: expressiveness, assertiveness and
  • Emergenetics is based on continuous psychometric and neurological research.
  • The results are depicted relative to norm-groups and are standardized anew every two years.
  • The test-retest validity of Emergenetics ranges from .68 to .77
  • Emergenetics is available in 16 languages, including German, French, English and Spanish.
  • The App Emergenetics+ offers mobile access to your profile and those of your friends and colleagues.

Emergenetics in your organization

  • Emergenetics Profile

    You have to make an important decision. What do you do? Do you ask as many friends and acquaintances for their opinion as possible? Do you weigh all the pros and cons for yourself? Or is your decision a gut decision?

    An Emergenetics profile offers you an overview of your thinking and behavioural preferences.

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  • Emergenetics Tasting

    Emergenetics has many potential applications. At Performance Solutions, we are raving fans about Emergenetics and love to share with others why.

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  • Trainings

    Based on the Meeting of the Minds our Emergenetics trainings offer you several possibilities how you can apply your new insights to your work environment. Deepen your knowledge about the complex effects of the different thinking and behavioural preferences on the areas leadership, team work and talent development.

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  • Associate certification

    As an Emergenetics Associate you know the research behind the neuroscientific basics of Emergenetics. If you are interested in detecting and supporting the potential of individuals and groups, we would like to invite you to become a part of our worldwide, familial Emergenetics network.

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  • Emergenetics+

    Our Emergenetics+ app allows you to conveniently integrate Emergenetics into you every day work schedule. The app offers fast and mobile access to the Emergenetics Profiles of employees and colleagues. It also supplies you with pointed, easily understandable assistance for interpreting their and your thinking and behavioral Attributes.

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Geraldine Brouwers

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