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So you are in possession of an Emergenetics profile and now have a rough idea of your thinking and behavioral preferences? You understand why your colleagues and employees act the way they do and have a better idea of how you should interact with them in order to make collaboration more effective and trouble-free? Amazing! But now what?

From knowledge to application

Based on the Meeting of the Minds our Emergenetics trainings offer you several possibilities for applying your new insights to your work environment. You will be better equipped to manage the challenges of  diverse thinking and behavioral preferences in the areas leadership, teamwork and talent development. Learn how to purposefully support your employees, assign fitting tasks and put together the best possible productive, creative and harmonious teams.


Of course Emergenetics can also help you with reaching very concrete goals and implementing action plans inside your team. We welcome the opportunity to develop Emergenetics trainings specific to solving problems relevant to you.

As Emergenetics is focused on people and is not tied to a certain context, it is easy to combine it with your company’s other programs. Using Emergenetics also makes it easier to implement the changes that are a part of the Reverse Thinking & Engineering (link) process. Your WHY, your desired customer experience and the shared context can be explained in a way that is understandable to all thinking and behavioral preferences. This exhilarates and facilitates the implementation. Your employees will embrace the new company culture more easily and will more readily internalize it.


  • Emergenetics trainings offer a multitude of possibilities for applying the insights of the Meetings of the Minds to your work environment.
  • Learn how to assemble diverse and productive teams based on Emergenetics profiles.
  • Gain understanding of the ways Emergenetics can help to effectively support and train employees.
  • Emergenetics trainings can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Use Emergenetics to enhance your Reverse Thinking and Engineering journey.

    Tell us which possible applications are of interest to you and we’ll advise you on which additional trainings will best fit your requirements. You can also contact us at any time regarding a tailored Emergenetics program.

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