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Emergenetics Tastings & Meeting of the Minds

By Emergenetics

Emergenetics has many potential applications. During our four or eight-hour Meeting of the Minds workshop, you get to know the concept and scientific basis behind Emergenetics. The three behavioral attributes (expressiveness, assertiveness and flexibility) and four thinking preferences (analytical, structural, social and conceptual) will be explained in detail using a variety of examples and group tasks.  You’ll get a deeper insight into your profile and guidance to fully grasp the nuances and chances of your profile.   

Strength through Heterogeneity

Emergenetics highlights how differences can enhance each other and strengthen a team. In addition to looking at individual profiles, the Meeting of the Minds can also focus on the team profile of a company, department or group. Employees discover how they are perceived by their colleagues. Not only do they learn how to accept others and their thinking and behavioral preferences, but how to approach them in a respectful manner.


Emergenetics offers a way for people to interact in a different way, often more optimally, with each other.  By gaining a deeper understanding of your profile and those of your colleagues, you start to speak a common language. In this way, information and requests can directly be framed in a way that makes it easier for co-workers to understand and take part in a discussion. People knowledgeable in regards to Emergenetics automatically become translators and facilitators building bridges between different thinking and behavioral preferences. The Meeting of the Minds creates the basis for these skills.

You can find the latest dates for our Meeting of the Minds in our events overview.


  • You receive a detailed profile of what your thinking and behavioral preferences mean for you.
  • Employees learn to assess their role inside the team (independent of rank).
  • Insight into the thinking and behavioral preferences of colleagues will enhance team communication, team productivity and team creativity.
  • Teams learn to speak a shared language.

 Curious but still undecided?

If you would like to get to know Emergenetics before diving deeper into the matter, you can join an Emergenetics Tasting. These Workshops provide an introduction into what Emergenetics is about and how it can work for you. Just ask us when the next Tasting is taking place.