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You have to make an important decision. What do you do? Do you ask as many friends and acquaintances for their opinion as possible? Do you weigh all the pros and cons for yourself? Or is your decision a gut decision? A colleague puts restructuring up for debate. How do you react? Is it your goal to get everybody behind your ideas? Do you avoid the discussion? Are you trying to find the best compromise for everyone?

Get to know your thinking and behavioral Patterns

An Emergenetics profile offers you an overview of your thinking and behavioral preferences. You get to know yourself intrinsically, your leadership style will be explained and you will learn to understand your talents and those of your colleagues. Your profile is based on your responses to an online survey, which can easily be filled out online. The questions are scientifically and statistically proven.


We measure three behavioral characteristics (expressiveness, assertiveness and flexibility) and four thinking preferences (analytical, structural, social and conceptual). The easily accessible illustrations make it possible for you to quickly understand your profile. An added unique feature is a comparison of your results with the average of the population.

Important: No matter where you find yourself on these scales, you are perfect as you are! Emergenetics is not about right or wrong behavior, but helps enable you to get an insight into who you are. This way you can learn to effectively use these talents instead of being  controlled by them.


  • Profiles can be discovered easily using an online questionnaire.
  • You gain insight into your basic thinking and behavioral preferences.
  • You learn how your thinking process and your behavior  are perceived by others and how you can  effectively use them.
  • Examples help to clarify understanding

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