Emergenetics +

Build Your Network of Raving Fans


By Emergenetics

Our Emergenetics+ app allows you to conveniently integrate Emergenetics into you every day work schedule. The app offers fast and mobile access to the Emergenetics Profiles of employees and colleagues. It also supplies you with pointed, easily understandable assistance for interpreting their and your Thinking and Behavioral Attributes.

Included Services:

- Detailed explanation of your own Emergenetics Profile.
- Compare your profile with the profiles of your Emergenetics connections and get useful communication and teamwork hints.
- Create team profiles without having to consult an Emergenetics Trainer.
- Experiment with different team combinations and know, in advance, what the strengths and weaknesses of a team will be.
- Find out what the ideal team for a certain task may look like.

And the best thing about it? Emergenetics+ is free and can be used by everyone who has an Emergenetics profile.