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Emergenetics Associate

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As an Emergenetics Associate you know the research behind the neuroscientific basis of Emergenetics. You are now able to explain and interpret the data of a profile in order to coach individuals and help teams to be as productive as possible. If you are interested in detecting and supporting the potential of individuals and groups, we would like to invite you to become a part of our worldwide, familial Emergenetics network.

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Performance Solutions offers a three-day certification training, during which you will be trained to become an Emergenetics Associate. The training will be executed by an experienced Emergenetics Master Trainer. The first day consists of a Meeting of the Minds workshop. Here you get to know the basics of the Emergenetics concept. On day two and three you will immerse yourself into the theory behind Emergenetics and will learn how Emergenetics can be applied to everyday life. Additionally, you receive a detailed explanation of the complex characteristics connected to the seven Emergenetics attributes. In this way you learn to talk to others in their ‘language’, meaning under consideration of their thinking and behavioral preferences, and thereby to enhance communication and cooperation.

As Emergenetics Associate you are able to conduct your own Meeting of the Minds. We also show you how to integrate Emergenetics profiles and concepts into already existing talent development measures and how to develop a completely new program based on Emergenetics.


  • The certification lasts three days.
  • Day one consists of a Meeting of the Minds, days two and three offer deeper insight into the theory and applications of Emergenetics.
  • You learn to conduct your own Meeting of the Minds workshop.
  • You learn to integrate Emergenetics concepts into existing programmes.
  • You learn to recognize employees’ strengths based on their Emergenetics profile and are enabled to highlight possibilities for future development.


After passing the certification Emergenetics continuously inform you about new developments and activities. As well, you receive assistance with the preparation of offers. You get access to the Emergenetics profiles, to the technical tools needed to create team profiles and further reports, and to the Emergenetics platform where associates can find and share learning and relevant material.

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