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Emergenetics Profile + Coaching Session

Cost: € 399,00 + € 83,79 VAT

Emergenetics (EG) is a unique tool that provides you with insight in your thinking and leadership styles, and behavioral attributes. The profile is a scientific and statistically validated tool that visually as well as textually represents your personality in an easy to understand way.

The EG profile shows the relationships between your conceptual, relational, structural, and analytical thinking preferences, and highlights your dominant thinking styles. The tool also gives insight in your degrees of assertiveness, flexibility, and expressiveness.

Take an Emergenetics profile to:

  • Know your own thinking and behavioral preferences
  • Have insight in how people around you think and act
  • Know what your unique strengths are and how you can use them

When you purchase an EG profile + coaching session, we send you a link and a code to fill out the questionnaire. Afterwards, you receive your profile during a one-hour coaching session. This will give you even more insights in your strengths, and teach you how to use these strengths most effectively in your work.

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