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It's a Way Not a Day

Cost: € 695,00 + € 145,95 VAT

In this film, you take look behind the doors of the Ranken Jordan Children Hospital. Ranken is a hospital for seriously ill and disabled children. The values of the hospital are the foundation of everything the employees do and decide. Their values are: choose it, live it, celebrate it. In It's a Way Not a Day, you see how the Ranken staff embeds the values ​​into their daily routines.

As CEO Lauri Tanner says: "To bring your values ​​to life, you cannot make it just casual Fridays. You cannot make it like once-a-quarter thing. It's got to be every day. It's got to be every... hour. " It is a way of life, and not one day a month or year.

Choose it, live it, celebrate it! Watch a preview.

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