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FISH! the Movie

Cost: € 995,00 + € 208,95 VAT

Imagine a place where people go to work with energy, passion and fun every day. People who are truly committed to their work, their colleagues and their clients. It's possible and this film will show you how!

One day, the people of Pike Place Fish Market decided to sell fish differently. They wanted to be famous, so they decided to do what famous people do: Play, be there, choose your attitude and make someone's day. They started to play with their products, their audience and each other!

Today, Pike Place in Seattle is world famous. The ideas of the fishmongers have become a philosophy. People all over the world use FISH! philosophy to make people's work more enjoyable and gratifying. This FISH! film shows how the fishmongers of Pike Place work and how they have changed their life.

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