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As an Emergenetics Associate, you will gain a wide understanding of the Emergenetics concepts and their impact on teams and individuals. You will understand the research behind the Emergenetics psychometric tool. You are able to interpret and apply the data from the profiles to help teams and individuals to be as effective as possible. If you are passionate to realize the potential of individuals and organizations, we invite you to become an Emergenetics Associate.


  • A 3 day program including theory and skills training
  • Learn to facilitate your own Meeting of the Minds Workshop
  • Learn to use Emergenetics concepts in your own programs
  • Be updated in marketing activities
  • Receive commercial support (e.g. proposals)


People’s thinking and behavioural preferences are fascinating and yet complex. Emergenetics teaches you to work with complexity and to make connections between thinking and behaviour. Take your profile and that of others to the next level!

The 3-day program

The 1st day is a so-called ‘ Meeting of the Minds Workshop ‘, where you will deep dive into Emergenetics and you will experience the added value of the tool. The 2nd and 3rd day exist of the theory behind Emergenetics, as well as activities to show you how to use Emergenetics in your daily life and work life.

Overall, you acquire extensive knowledge of Emergenetics and will be able to lead your own Meeting of the Minds workshop. You learn how to use Emergenetics profiles and concepts in your own existing programs, or how you can build a new program based on Emergenetics. An experienced Emergenetics Master Trainer will facilitate the program.

The investment?

The investment to become an Emergenetics associate is €2995. This will give you access to an online learning platform that will enable you to deepen your knowledge around Emergenetics. You'll be included in marketing activities and you will receive support for your commercial activities

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