Reimagining Retail 2018 | EPIC Leadership


Do you ever wonder how relevant you are as a leader in retail? How does your leadership contribute to the desired customer experience?

Research from Gartner shows us that 85% of all customer interactions in retail will be managed without a human by 2020. Shocking? We don't think so. It also leaves us with 15% of customer interactions to really make a difference and stand out from our competitors! We believe that people are the experience in retail. Since only inspired teams can inspire customers, you as a leader can make the difference!


In order to lead a team that continuously creates memorable experiences for your customers, you have to go beyond being a 'manager' and become an EPIC leader! EPIC stands for Empowering, Purpose driven, Inspiring and Coaching.

Especially since 50% of all retail staff are considered being a 'millennial'. They have different expectations and are looking for a meaning (purpose), happiness and connectedness. Being an inspirational leader will result in truly engaged staff. And according to research from Forbes, engaged staff members are:

  • 15% more profitability
  • 30% more productivity
  • 12% higher customer engagement
  • 30% less staff turnover
  • 62% fewer safety issues
  • 37% less absenteeism

Do you want to learn more about how to Reimagining Retail with EPIC Leadership? We invite you to join us on Thursday April 12, 2018 during the Reimagining Retail 2018 Event at the PS Experience Center in Amsterdam/Hoofddorp. You will be inspired by our keynote speaker Cliff Crosbie (Apple, IKEA, Nike, Nokia) and learn how to be (even) more relevant as a leader during several interactive breakout sessions.

This event is offered to you by Performance Solutions.


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