It's about a change of mindset

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Le Pain Quotidien

It's about a change of mindset

Arne Altmann, Managing Partner:

I was immediately triggered by the pillar 'Be There'. I was able to apply this instantaneously, both at home and at work. I noticed I could change my behavior and saw the effect it has on my family and colleagues. What I find strongest about the FISH! philosophy is that it's so incredibly easy to implement. Moreover, I believe that the pillar 'Choose Your Attitude' can be a real game changer in (Dutch) hospitality!

The Challenge

Le Pain Quotidien a bakery and communal table. The chain has over 200 branches in 17 countries worldwide and great ambitions. In terms of product and restaurants, they are outstanding in their market. Everything they do product-wise is outlined and described in procedures. Everything has been considered and is thought through – Except how to create a memorable customer experience. Le Pain Quotidien fits well together with the FISH! philosophy. It can get very busy in the stores, especially during the morning and during lunch time. However, FISH! is easy to bring to practice, easy to apply, and practical and thereby matches perfectly with the concept and the daily routines of Le Pain Quotidien's employees.

The Solution

In 2013, Arne read the FISH! book and finished it in one sitting. The story explained the value of being present in the moment so well, that he immediately applied it at home. It worked, and he realized that FISH! could solve a problem he'd been noticing in Le Pain Quotidien's stores: at the end of the day, when employees started cleaning, they forgot to pay attention to customers. In the summer of 2013, Performance Solutions trained Le Pain Quotidien's store managers and assistant store managers in a one-day FISH! training.

All of Le Pain Quotidien's guidelines are scripted. The uniqueness of FISH!, however, is that it's not at all about outlined steps and procedures that you have to follow. It's rather about making a choice to PLAY, to Choose Your Attitude in any situation, to truly Be There in the moment and to Make Someone's Day. For Le Pain Quotidien, it's about a change of mindset towards guests but also towards colleagues and even your personal life if you will. These were also the reasons for the owner to start and continue working with the FISH! philosophy.

The Dutch branch of Le Pain Quotidien grows rapidly, however. That is why it is their ambition to facilitate and refresh FISH! within their stores themselves. Therefore, in 2014, Arne Altmann was trained to be a FISH! Facilitator. After the summer, in 2014, Arne and André Wiringa (CXO Performance Solutions) presented FISH! on Le Pain Quotidien's international management convention in Dubai.

The Results

  • Immediately after the first training, one of the stores received all kinds of compliments about how cheerful its employees were.
  • Checklists help to ensure that employees remain FISH!y on a regular bases.
  • Le Pain Quotidien's employees have come up with FISH!y games such as 'spot the grumpy guy and make him smile'.
  • One of the stores started playing by serving smiley eggs. The photo was picked up on Facebook where it was liked almost 600 times and gained a total reach of nearly 30,000 unique users.
  • Arne Altman became a FISH! Facilitator himself in 2014 and trains every new employee since.

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