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Hospitality at the heart

Jacques Hoendervangers:

The Performance Solutions training for the Schiphol Group was a refreshing experience at all levels. During a coaching session for the management we walked past the security. The trainer, Robert asked me how the employees were doing "Super Good!" I said. "Do you also let the security team know this?" asked Robert. I had never done that, but that day I walked back to the security team and complimented them on their work. They were all smiles! I've been given a simple and priceless tool.

The Challenge

Schiphol’s ambition is to be 'Most Preferred European Airport’. However, Schiphol Group’s function at Schiphol Airport is rather complex. The company performs a large range of different tasks, but is also dependent on other stakeholders that sell services at the airport. Thus, Schiphol Group launched an initiative to increase awareness of Schiphol hospitality issues and the role they can play in changing it for the better.

This program was called "Hospitable” and had the following objectives:

  • Schiphol Group wanted to be a frontrunner to positively influence the other stakeholders.
  • Excite people and make them enthusiastic.
  • Make people realize that the essence is not in being hospitable but in also acting and behaving in a hospitable way.
  • Making the transition from Waiting to Seeing and from Need and Want to Be Able to Be.
  • Turning hospitality into a matter of the heart.

The Solution

The target groups consisted of a core group of 230 Schiphol Group employees and a group of 200 external stakeholders, ranging from customers and retail to the information desk and the military police. Due to the early success of the program the last group quickly grew to 800 participants! The program was called 'The Wave' and ran like wildfire through the company. Performance Solutions organized trainings at Schiphol.

The groups were introduced to 'The Wave' and the four catchwords defined to describe the desired experience: Welcome, Attention, Connect and Extras. The participants were asked to apply what they had learned in the training at the airport with real passengers, staff, and visitors. When the participants came back they shared their experiences. With this practical approach the participants gave a little extra for a guest or colleague every day, and this caused a literal wave of hospitality.

The Results

  • The program took place in the fourth quarter of 2012. Between August and December of that year the NPS increased by three points from +24 to +27
  • The best result was that the program not only had an impact on the front line, but also on the staff behind the scenes, such as project managers and maintenance people. These employees now look differently at decisions they make because they know that they can focus on the guest

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