Feeling Good on the Move

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Feeling good on the move

Christiane de Jong:

“As a global player in the hospitality branch at airports, it’s all about the guests. Performance Solutions helps us with the training development and materials to transform our organization from process thinking to guest experience. With the empowerment of our staff and putting the guest at number one, we emphasise our slogan 'Feeling Good on the Move'.”

The Challenge

The mission of HMSHost is ‘Feeling Good on the Move’. This is their dream and it's very similar to that of Performance Solutions: Creating Raving Fans. Ever since 2009, HMSHost and Performance Solutions have been working to accomplish HMSHost’s mission by using the FISH! philosophy.

The Solution

Performance Solutions facilitated a reverse thinking session with HMSHost, where the desired experience of HMSHost was defined as follows: Greet, Understand, Engage, Sell and Thank. The acronym of the desired perception is indeed... GUEST! The WHY of HMSHost which emerged from the reverse workshop was: 'Be my Guest'. The five pillars of the desired experience were all coupled to one of the pillars of FISH!.

This desired experience was translated into a context guide, which was used to train 60 HMSHost staff members to become trainers themselves, and teach 1200-1500 HMSHost employees to implement the desired experience.

The Results

  • Three years later, the experience concept is still very much alive at HMSHost. Employees talk about it amongst themselves and HMSHost continues to train the desired experience. Employees talk about 'Be my Guest’: they know what it stands for, and why it’s important to HMSHost
  • HMSHost's hospitality is permanently measured by both guests at the airport and Schiphol itself, with positive results

HMSHost's Solutions

  1. FISH!

    The FISH! Philosophy offers new energy and motivation for your team.

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