From technology to customer experience

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Mazda NL

From technology to customer experience

The Challenge

Mazda Netherlands and Performance Solutions reconnected when Mazda wanted to transition from a technologically strong company to a company with a truly distinctive customer experience. Mazda said: "We deliver cars with fantastic technology, but we forgot about marketing and now the world doesn’t know about the cars we make." With the program, Mazda intended to increase car sales, increase revenue in after sales and to persuade foreign brand drivers to drive Mazda.

The Solution

The program is divided into two phases. Phase 1 focuses on the development and implementation of the desired experience. Phase 2 focuses on securing and anchoring the changes from Phase 1.

Phase 1: Develop and implement the desired experience (2013-2014)

We started with a Reverse Thinking workshop where the Dutch management team created their blueprint. The blueprint, or desired experience, of Mazda consists of four pillars:

  1. I am positively surprised
  2. It is really personal
  3. It is really easy
  4. I feel connected

During the workshop, they also designed their WHY ("Mukainada spirit") and WHO ("Rebels with a cause"). This fits with Mazda, a brand that does things differently than other brands, Mazda continually challenges itself to step off the beaten track.

The result of the Reverse Thinking workshop was translated into a context guide and an implementation program, whereby two tracks were followed. First, the desired experience was implemented in the headquarters in the Netherlands. Secondly, separate programs were rolled out for dealership owners and employees.

Phase 2: Securing and anchoring the desired experience (2015)

The managers at headquarters were re-trained, and they were given the tools to realize their optimal leadership. The other colleagues in the main office were trained for their desired behavior. These were four workshops on the four desired behaviors: We go further, We make it personal, We make it simple and We actively share our passion.

The managers did a one-day workshop where they looked back on Phase 1 and looked forward to Phase 2. The dealers all received a mystery visit from a specialist at Performance Solutions. The goal was to create a new baseline and see where the dealer stands in the field of experience. The mystery shopper answered the question: "To what extent do I experience required experience?" The details were shared within three days and were discussed during the first evening of dealership with employees.

The second dealer evening will focus on the desired behavior and especially when it comes to approaching a brand driver of an alternative brand. Suppose you have BMW drivers in your showroom. How do you approach them and how do you convince them to drive Mazda? The dealership owner will also receive four hours of coaching. The leader receives tools from Performance Solutions specialists to motivate, reward the team, and learn how you look at the showroom through the eyes of your customer.

The Results

  • The leadership of Mazda has received positive feedback on the program.
  • Since the training Mazda designs their corporate events and trainings in a different way: they start from the core values. For example, they now work in small groups, making them more personal. At the Mazda 2 event the dealers were surprised with a demo that came a month early, surprising colleagues was memorable.

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