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Create a better work culture

Skrill Employee:

The most important thing that I've learned is that we need to exceed expectations, taylor our attitude and that good is not enough. Be great.

The Challenge

In 2013 the Skrill Group, one of world's leading digital payments providers, approached Performance Solutions with the mission: "We need to create a better work culture." The goal was to improve the experiences of their global customer base (both consumers and merchants) who were contacting the servicing teams for help by enabling the latter to do their jobs with passion and pleasure. The Group hoped to use FISH! as a catalyst for this change.

The Solution

Performance Solutions launched a series of FISH! trainings for 90+ members of their offshore client-facing community.The initiative was so successful that Performance Solutions was asked (1) to replicate it across their European sales and account management teams, (2) to continue delivering it to all new joiners in their servicing department and (3) to align their broader Customer 1st Programme around it to keep the philosophy alive.

Skrill Employee:

Motivation does not last, that is why it's recommended on a daily base. We should have such trainings more often.

Following interviews with employees and managers around the calls they receive and the challenges they face, and after observing real-time interactions with customers, one of our service transformation specialists – Mathijs – helped redesign the programme to make it Fun, Engaging, Empowering and, in summary, Making a significant Difference.

To safeguard the changing culture, there are now regular 1-on-1 coaching sessions with employees and team leaders, which aim to give them the tools to keep the work fun. The coaching leaders are inspired to keep giving positive incentives to the teams, to think of ways to have fun together, and to continue ensuring a positive work culture.

The Results

Skrill Employee:

The training was an inspiring, positively charging day. It will be memorized.
  • Skrill was very satisfied with the training. The staff described the training as innovative, refreshing, excellent and strong
  • A group of 10 to 20 employees familiar with one another regularly share entertaining videos and photos through email to make each other’s day (one of the four FISH! Pillars)
  • Skrill also kept FISH! alive during meetings by showing a piece of the film and following it up with discussion
  • Attrition rate went down by 35%
  • Employer branding improved significantly – allowing a higher representation of employees joining through referrals
  • Skrill also did an internal staff measurement based on NPS. In October 2014 they asked their employees to answer the following question: "How likely are you to recommend a friend or relative to work with us?" In October 2014 the score was (-28). In March 2015 Skrill asked the same question and the score increased with 29 points to a (+1) which represents significant success
  • This initiative fuelled the introduction in 2014 of “Every Customer Counts” approach throughout the company

Skrill's Solutions

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    The FISH! Philosophy offers new energy and motivation for your team.

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