From line staff to company ambassadors

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From line staff to company ambassadors

Taking the desired customer experience as leading, meant a reversal of the entire organizational structure. The traditional organizational pyramid was reversed, which means that customers are at the top, followed by the ambassadors. Support, management and senior management are at the bottom. Their only reason for being is to facilitate the ambassadors to create the best customer experience ever.

The Challenge

citizenM offers an alternative hospitality experience to the mobile citizen, who are done waiting for services that they don't need. Check-in is automated, and you don't need a password for the wifi. But moreover, citizenM wants to differentiate in its customer service. citizenM hotels desires to offer a level of guest service unknown in the hospitality industry. They have 7 hotels in Europe and New York and are expanding quickly.

The Solution

citizenM ambassador

Performance Solutions was part of the opening of the first hotel. Together with citizenM, we defined their desired experience as surprised, touched, connected and real.

Recruitment with Casting Days

To get a team together for the first hotel, instead of putting out an ad and interview candidates, we announced a casting day. Potential ambassadors, this is what the front-line employees are called, attended four different workshops in a day. During this day, citizenM and Performance Solutions looked for a culture fit, rather than experience. The final selection of a team of ambassadors who surprise, connect, touch and are real becomes a collaborative choice, and a relatively easy one.

Immersion for New Employees

To this day, citizenM hotels organize regular casting days to recruit their ambassadors. The casting day is also the first part of the immersion program that new ambassadors walk through in their first weeks at work. The immersion program focuses on building context (the why), rather than training skills (the how) and transferring knowledge (the what).

The Results

  • citizenM hotels score well above industry standard of guest satisfaction at every location
  • They have the highest NPS and guest satisfaction in the field of hospitality
  • citizenM hotels score an average of 8,8 on
  • They won the 2010 and 2011 "most trendy hotel of the world" award by Tripadvisor. This award is based 100% on guest feedback

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