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 Geoff Andrew, CEO Worldhotels

Worldhotels unites a large variety of exciting and intriguing venues. With Start with WHY we want to encourage our member hotels to let their individuality shine through and create inspiring moments for their customers. Performance Solutions helps us and our member hotels to identify what makes each hotel unique by asking: “What is the history of your hotel?” “What is the purpose that drives you?” “Which values unite you?” and most importantly “What do you want your customers to experience when they stay in your hotel?”.  In doing so, we take them on a journey to discover WHY they do what they do. We empower them to tell and own their story. “Start with WHY” makes it possible to, instead of simply attracting guests, create fans who love becoming a part of the narrative.”


Worldhotels unites member hotels from 60 countries and 6 continents, each unique and each with its own history. Worldhotels wants to be "Empowering True Independence“. Their mission is to create visibility and exposure for their members and to empower them to stand out against their competition and positively surprise their customers.


In 2016 Worldhotels initiated the “Start with Why” program, a cooperation with Performance Solutions. Based on our Reverse Thinking and Engineering philosophy, “Start with Why” digs into the DNA of each hotel, to unearth their specific identity and motivation. In workshops the hotels define their WHY and discuss their desired customer experience, the emotions and moments the hotels want their customers to have when staying at their hotel. The WHY, as the title of the program already states, is only the start, however. The hotels also engage in a discussion, which leadership style and employee behaviour can best enhance the defined customer experience. By the end of 2016, 100 member hotels will have taken part in a start workshop and discovered their WHY.

In follow-up workshops hotels are furthermore given the opportunity to think even more complexly about the connection between their WHY, their corporate culture and their guest service.


Only if you know what your brand stands for, you can create an environment that brings your strongest benefits and true ideals to life. “Start with WHY” enables Worldhotels’ members to tell their customers their story and offer experiences that are inspiring and authentic. As the WHY is a brand promise that springs from the honest believes of the hotel executives, its message rings true; an honesty the guests can feel.

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