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Mazda Europe

Mazda Europe heard about the great success Mazda NL was having with Performance Solutions and decided to join the fun. Their mission at the time was: ‘Challenge convention to make things better.’ “It’s time to stop talking about being a challenger, and to start acting like one.” Mazda came to PS to realize this dream.

Mazda Europe did not have a definite WHY yet, but they knew that they wanted to transform into a unique and defining brand experience. They wanted to translate their mission so that everyone could understand their new direction, both internal (in the offices) as well as those working externally (the dealer partners).

The Solution

This multi-annual program was divided into two phases. Phase one focused on the development and implementation of the Mukainada spirit, the uniquely Mazda “Why.” Phase two kicked off in the summer of 2015.

Phase 1: Development and implementation of the Mukainada spirit in the dealership offices throughout Europe

Mazda Europe started this phase with a Reverse thinking workshop with its senior and middle management. The results of the Reverse thinking workshop were translated into a context guide.

The desired customer experience of Mazda, or the blueprint, contains 4 pillars.

  1. I am positively surprised
  2. It is really personal 
  3. It is really easy 
  4. I feel connected

The Results

After phase one, Mazda performed a survey amongst the participants. Of the participants:

  • 77% says they understand the Mazda Blueprint and how their role contributes to the Challenger Evolution
  • 78% does their best to live the Mazda Blueprint every day 
  • and 81% would recommend Mazda as a place to work for their friends and family