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Sanja Haas

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Sanja Haas, Senior Fellow, Human Capital at The Conference Board. In addition to serving as Senior Fellow, I’m also the Council Director for Leadership, Talent and Learning for The Conference Board and founder and managing director of Haas Consulting and an Emergenetics Associate.

My special interest and additional area of expertise is creativity. Together with two business associates, I developed new, unique global methodology for assessing individual and organizational creativity and how to link/correlate this to more and better innovation in the workplace, called the Creativity and Innovation Pulse (CIP) Survey ® .

Who’s the audience you work for?

I consult and train large regional and global companies and work with individual leaders in senior positions in the area of business strategy, organizational strategy and leadership development.

What’s unique about Emergenetics?

Emergenetics is the only tool I have seen so far that has the following key components simultaneously:

What are the results of using Emergenetics in your work?

I have been an Emergenetic Associate since April 2015, and so far have received very positive resonance from my clients. Results range from:

Who would you recommend to become an Emergenetics Associate?

I recommend people who have a passion for understanding how to best use assessments to improve performance and productivity in teams and at the work place to work with Emergenetics, both in large corporations and in smaller consultancies like myself. I can also see a great beauty in using Emergenetics in 1-on-1 coaching.

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    Know the potential of your employees and show them how their individual talent can help to bring the desired brand experience to life.

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