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Kristin Intress, CEO Worldhotels

Identify your emotional why

Kristin Intress, former CEO Worldhotels:

"Performance Solutions and their Reverse Thinking approach have helped us identify our emotional WHY in the market place and supported us in creating our unique Worldhotels story: 'Dream, Dare, Do.'

The Challenge

Worldhotels is dedicated to offer their hotel portfolio of venues worldwide a comprehensive, global, learning and development solution. The solution should have a special focus on revenue optimization and providing optimal service delivery. At the same time an effort should be made to set the employees of the Worldhotel family up for success, and offer them unique opportunities to develop their skills and competencies;  .

The Solution

IFH developed a learning and development program especially tailored to the company’s mission to 'Dream, Dare and Do'. The program was focused on offering personal growth for the employees of member hotels, giving them opportunity to grow personally and professionally with a bespoke training curriculum of face to face and eLearning solutions offered in multiple languages across the globe.

The Result

A curriculum that actively engaged over 2500 delegates globally in 2014 in training initiatives both in direct face to face training as well as in a variety of on-line learning opportunities. A delegate satisfaction rate of over 97% demonstrating the quality and relevance of the program content and the delivery style. Customized training content built solidly around the individual hotel key performance indicators showed positive impact on the hotels internal quality performance scores in 2014.

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