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Antoinnette van Schaik:

"After the training, our trainer ran into a participant in the corridor. The trainer asked about his experience with the training. The staff member searched for an answer. Then the trainer asked: 'If the training were a restaurant, would you go back?' To which the staff member replied: 'Yes! It was good!'"

The Challenge

The AxionContinu rehabilitation center was reorganizing. They had just moved from various remote locations to one central location: the Parkgraaf. This meant that the staff all went to one place as well. AxionContinu realized that they needed to do something to motivate the teams and merge the teams. AxionContinu approached PS to create a positive, fun motivational kick-off day for the staff. Axion had specific objectives:

  1. Link the core values of Axion Continu to FISH!
  2. Motivate the teams. The desired result was the slogan: "I feel like it!"
  3. Have the employees understand that the new location (Parkgraaf) would be a very different concept and that good would not be good enough
  4. The employees discover where they are currently, and where they can still grow

The Solution

AxionContinu and Performance Solutions built and rolled out the program in cooperation. The program was designed for 200 employees and was first tested with a pilot group of 30 people. Each training was a partnership, at each training a trainer from Performance Solutions and AxionContinu were present.

The program was an interactive, day-long FISH! program. During which FISH! was linked to the core values of AxionContinu. The employees put the ideas to practice in different exercises some examples include:

  1. Standing ovation: An initiative focused on having fun. Participants of the training are invited to step on a stool and receive a standing ovation from the group. The exercise generates a positive vibe and beaming faces.
  2. Tablecloth rounds: After an introduction and a screening of the FISH! movie, the participants wrote down all of their ideas on tablecloths. The output of each training were three concrete actions, of which its execution was the responsibility of each group.
  3. Painting: Participants gave their own meaning to the FISH! philosophy, which they visualized in paintings.

The Result

  • Succesfull kickoff day, as you can see from this twitter image below. 

    Another happy client and successful kickoff day.

AxionContinu's Solutions

  1. FISH!

    The FISH! Philosophy offers new energy and motivation for your team.

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