Intrinsic motivation

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Intrinsic motivation

Hans Duineveld:

“What I like most is to notice that new staff joins. It's really alive, which it should be, because otherwise it's not sustainable. The motivation is intrinsic.”

The Challenge

Media Markt wants to offer its customers a seamless shopping experience along the entire customer journey. Media Markt is in transition from a product-driven organization to an organization where the customer comes first: An organization where the customer is number one (again). Where product sales are consultative sales.

The Solution

Performance Solutions partnered with Media Markt. Together, we designed the desired customer experience and employee behavior. We created the optimal working environment and required leadership. Based on the Reverse Thinking workshop of Performance Solutions, we designed a leadership and implementation program. We rolled out this program within four Media Markt stores.

Part of the program are a context guide and trainer toolkits. The toolkits consist of modules and tools. All materials are based on "I LOVE Media Markt." That is the desired customer experience at Media Markt. LOVE stands for:

  • Love: Love for customer and product
  • Solution: Provide a complete solution
  • Surprise: It’s surprising
  • Real: Show genuine interest
“In retail, many people talk about customer service, but it's such an empty concept. By naming your behavior, you give your business identity.”

The Result

  • I LOVE Media Markt isn't just a notion. Instead, the idea really lives among employees
  • Media Markt is able to offer an increasing level of service
  • Employees are intrinsically motivated

Media Markt's Solutions

  1. Reverse

    Ready for a change of perspective? Reverse Thinking & Engineering puts your desired customer experience first.

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