Creating lasting change

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Creating lasting change

The Challenge

Mercedes-Benz has the 'Ambition to lead', whereby brand values steer customer experiences, and employee behavior influences customer experiences most. People can make or break the experience; a unique and consistent customer experience will create more brand ambassadors and fans, leading to more transactions. Mercedes-Benz wants to work on creating a lasting change in behavior of its employees in the showroom and in after sales, leading to a unique and consistent customer experience. Das Beste, oder nichts.

The Solution

Together with a project team consisting of several dealership managers, global training and sales & marketing representatives, an experience concept was developed, based on the Reverse Thinking approach. The Reverse Thinking model describes that the desired experience is leading for optimal employee behavior, working climate and leadership. The concept became part of a context guide, linking the desired customer experience to corporate and international vision, mission and strategy. The context guide was the source document for the deployment program that was developed for the dealer network.

 Vision, Mission and Desired Customer Experience

The approach consisted of a high energy kick-off during the European Dealer Meeting in Benidorm, presenting the concept and vision on the desired experience to hundreds of employees. From thereon per dealer group the program was deployed, whereby there was room for a tailor made approach per dealer. Each dealer group could add to the desired customer experience from their mission and vision statements.

From Strategy to Execution

The program consisted of several steps, starting with a strategic session with the dealer management, followed by several sessions with the team. Starting with a Reverse Thinking kick-off and then moving forward to the development of competences, , experience rallies to get inspiration from other companies, as well as gain more insight in the importance of behavior in creating an experience, context workshops using the Power of Speech to create a pull effect and have the team more involved in the change and wanting to contribute to it.

Servient Leadership

During this process, we guided the management to follow up and help their teams to grow and achieve their goals.

The Result

  • Improved NPS
  • Increased employee engagement and loyalty
  • Solid vision and strategy per dealer group
  • Better sales results

Mercedes-Benz's Solutions

  1. Reverse

    Ready for a change of perspective? Reverse Thinking & Engineering puts your desired customer experience first.

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