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The Challenge

Hoteliers since 1897 - Kempinski has travelled the world in search of the most fascinating destinations without ever forgetting the finest traditions of its European heritage. At Kempinski, it is all about exceeding guest expectations and providing outstanding quality in all areas and touch points. The guests' stay anytime begins with making a reservation. InProve and Kempinski have been working together for years to develop and increase our performance in our Reservation departments around the globe.

The Solution

InProve by IFH has developed a wide-ranging Reservation Performance Program including quality measurement which is especially focusing on the personal growth of each employee as well as on continuously optimizing customer service delivery. The scope of the program has been constantly further developed and expanded to almost all Kempinski Hotels around the world.

The Result

Confirmed by outstanding results in terms of conversion, guest feedback and overall performance in this area, we consider this program as a key success factor that contributed a lot of relevance to our team members and organization. Another important aspect for the success of the program is that we have positioned it from the very beginning as a development tool and not as a measurement tool.

Kempinski's Solutions

  1. InProve

    InProve installs useful processes, designed to guarantee that the contact between your customers and your brand does not only stay consistently positive but raises the bar. 

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