Visualizing progress has a stimulating effect

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Veronica Torres, NAM Senior Sales Capability Trainer Microsoft

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Veronica Torres, NAM Senior Sales Capability Manager at Microsoft USA. I have a background in social and mobile learning.

Performance Solutions is currently developing a social and mobile learning platform called In your professional opinion, who is the audience for grow-bee?

The main audience for social and mobile learning platforms such as are individuals who are interested in personal development, fun learning, and connecting with other individuals with similar goals. In the case of, these individuals will be part of a team or organization, such as a hotel or retail company, often with more than one location. They are motivated and eager employees in whom as a company you would want to invest in! isn’t the only social and mobile learning platform out there. What do you see as unique about

It’s tailored to a unique audience: It’s an excellent resource that would help support any small to medium corporation employee professional in his or her personal development goals.

Do you believe it will solve any interesting problems or do something differently?

Yes, absolutely! I believe offers a unique experience. can be a very valuable resource for a management team. If they are interested in having a simple and efficient way to access and monitor the development of their teams, could be a great asset.

For an employee itself, it can be a wonderful resource of valuable information and a place to monitor personal development progress and goals. It is important to realize, however, that can be a powerful asset only if the content that is posted has significant value for the users.

What do you believe will be the results of grow-bee? Will it improve any metrics? will be a powerful resource for any management team that is interested in the professional and personal development of their employees. Visualizing progress is known to have a stimulating effect. The platform could thus enhance both management’s and the employees’ motivation and increase the speed and depth of their professional development.

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    Tune your employees to your desired brand experience and create individual talent development with a social and mobile learning solution.

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