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Boudewijn Krijger

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Boudewijn Krijger. I’m an entrepreneur, adviser, trainer, and coach. I’m the owner of Gradior VisionFocus, a coaching and training company. I have over 10 years of training experience and I love to travel: in fact, it inspired me to start my own company. I became a certified Emergenetics associate in 2014.

Who’s the audience you work for?

I mostly work with people who manage the connection between strategy and operations. Generally, they’re college educated, and have extensive work experience. They manage teams of about 10 people. Their focus is mostly on their work, and less on self-reflection. Usually, they’re under a lot of pressure, and interestingly, when I work with people aged 25-35, I notice that they’re interested in reflecting on their behavior and interactions. People older than 35 are usually a bit more sceptical, but also more critical about themselves.

What’s unique about Emergenetics?

There are many tools out there that are similar to different aspects of Emergenetics. The beauty of Emergenetics is that it combines all these different aspects into one tool. It offers my work and clients a different perspective on their own thinking and doing, as well as on the thinking and doing of others. And not just at work, but in various aspects of a person’s life. Emergenetics becomes especially interesting during a 1-on-1 coaching session, when we discuss the results of the profile. The profile often reveals the sharp edges of their behavior, and they recognize that. Also, they often immediately think of someone else, in whom they recognize typical thinking and behavioral attributes. So, now they have a better understanding of how to deal with that person than before.

What are the results of using Emergenetics in your work?

When I discuss an Emergenetics profile with my clients, they often say something like “Oh, actually, I knew this already.” But they’re also often surprised: “Gee, I had no clue.” This can be confronting, but it always proves to be very powerful and useful. The Emergenetics profile shapes a new perspective, which creates a new type of understanding. It forms the base for renewed and more effective ways of collaboration between team members.

Who would you recommend to become an Emergenetics Associate?

First, I recommend trainers and coaches such as myself to become an Emergenetics Associate. But I also see a lot of value of strategically appointing a specific tool within the HR department of an organisation. Emergenetics is the right choice for that. It can contribute to the expertise within an organisation, and when multiple people within an organisation speak the language of Emergenetics, people can much more easily understand and communicate with each other.

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